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Looking for the best and quality event booth fabrication for Philconstruct SMX in the Philippines? You are in the right place, Skylite provide the unique process of booth execution from our design studio to fabrication and installation. You don’t have to worry about how it’s done because we will hand over to you our photo-realistic 3d rendering like never before.

Event Booth Features

  • Faster production times
  • Lower cost over all
  • 2 Year warranty against discoloration
Materials Used:   Learn More
Project Name: Affordable Booth Fabrication
Materials & Specs: Metal Support and Framing with Plastic Board
Graphics: Vinyl Sticker
Dimension: Per Sq. Inch Computation
Quantity: 1 Set
Branding: Acrylic Build-up w/ LED
Lighting: LED Pin and Ceiling Lights
Box & Framing: Fabricated Metal
Mounting: Male & Female with Bolts & Nuts
Painting: Urethane Spray Paints
Thickness: 3.5 Inches
Delivery: 10-15 Working Days
Installation: Free within Metro Manila
Warranty: 1 Year against discoloration, peeling, and cracking of topcoat.

Booth Customization

  • Choose available color to customize
  • Add graphics and ready to use svg icons
  • Upload your logo to make it more personalized
  • Add custom funny text to make it more memorable

Uni Mitsubishi Pencil Event Booth Setup

The actual design has changed a bit because of limited space

Kolin Air Conditioner Booth Design & Fabrication at SMX PhilConstruct Nov 2018

Our Booth Won 2nd Place, Congratulations! Skylite Team

Gree Air Conditioner Booth Design & Fabrication at SMX PhilConstruct Nov 2018

Most Complex Booth Design & Fabricated in 2 Weeks Time Only, Congratulations! Skylite Team

We are not only difference, we’re better!

360° View Exhibit Booth


    Why you should entrust our Exhibit Booth?

    Unique & Fresh Design Concept

    Made of Durable & Light Materials

    Executed by Our Creative Fabricators

    Great Finish & High Quality Results

    Amadeus Latest Booth Project (Finished Project)

    We provide two design concepts for your exhibit booth as shown in the images below

    Uni Mitsubishi Pencil Latest Project  (On Going Project)

    Most unique booth design and detailed fabrication, We provide design concepts for your exhibit booth as shown in the images below

    Who We Are as Your Designer?

    Designing Since 1991

    We’ve been in the design industry since before the computer generation

    8-Time Champion

    We are involved in creative & design contest since 1991 up to 2002

    In-house Designers

    We have designers that you can meet and talk at your most convenient time

    Multimedia Experts

    Advertising agency that caters almost everything about creative designs

    Creative Awards

    2015 Best Advertising & Multimedia by Golden Globe & Asia Pacific Awards

    We are Animators

    We can transform any ordinary graphics into a multi-animated  sequence

    Customers Love Us

    We produce designs and concepts until you are fully satisfied

    Featured on TV

    Our creative works was featured on Philippine Television (GMA 7) in 2013

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