No.1 Signage Maker in the Philippines

2 Big Productions in Cavite and 1 in Quezon City

With our 3 biggest signage and printing production facilities located in Cavite and Quezon City, we guarantee only the best quality and service. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to creating the most innovative and beautiful signage and printing solutions for our customers. We strive to become the leading signage and printing provider in the country and are constantly looking for new ways to improve our services. With us, you can always expect the best.

Skylite has Branches with Productions and Showrooms Nationwide

No.1 Signage Maker in the Philippines

Skylite Prints will last more than 5years

Take advantage of Skylite's long-term UV printing solution and ensure that your prints will last for more than 5 years. With our UV printing, you won't have to worry about replacing your prints within 8-15 months like you would with other companies. Skylite provides a reliable and cost-effective solution that you can count on.

We print to any roll-to-roll based materials such us Panaflex, Lightboxes, Backlit Films, Stickers, Reflective Stickers, Canvas, etc.

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