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Board Puzzle A4 Pearl

1. Enjoy a personalized jigsaw puzzle created from your very own images, jigsaw puzzles really are an enjoyable past time activity2. Create a custom made jigsaw puzzle to the highest standards and quality, make sure that your puzzle image quality is the very best it can be and that the whole jigsaw puzzle is something special

3. It is perfect gift to lover, friend and family

4. It is really fantastic to see the happiness that our puzzle can bring

Create a puzzle game with your photo to add more fun to it. Try our jigsaw puzzle. Each beautiful puzzle is made of 1/8″ high density material. It has a pearl-glossy look with print that last a long time. A way better than the cheaper cardboard jigsaw.

Our Jigsaw Puzzles are all made to the highest quality standards. Your own photo Jigsaw Puzzles showing your own family and loved ones are the perfect photo gift for your family, relatives or friends. It is unique and increases the fun and enjoyment of jigsaw puzzle solving.

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6 thoughts on “Board Puzzle A4 Pearl

  1. Jordan says:

    How much for a 1000pcs puzzle? does it have a limitation on the number of pictures?
    do you do the design?

  2. april reyles says:

    Can you print a bigger size of jigsaw puzzle?

  3. Filomena Aure says:

    Good day, where is your office address? And contact number please. Please contact me at 0907 2684 830, 09051364 750. Thank you

  4. Katrina abalos says:

    Do you do bigger puzzles? Mga 500pcs po? And how mucn? Thanks

  5. grace says:

    Do you have a bigger puzzle?

  6. charisma says:

    do you do bigger size of puzzle aobout 30×50 inches? hm? tnx

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