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Canvas Bag Printing

We accept low cost printing fro light color t-shirts at a very affordable price. We charge only P250 per piece for t-shirt and printing. This kind of printing techniques can be found only here at Skylite Advertising. We can print your own design incredible fine and full color. And if you have large numbers of t-shirts to be printed then we will recommend you our silkscreen full color printing process. The same result at the end and the only different is you save a lot of money.

Printing with T-Shirt and this printing process is applicable only to light colored t-shirts and polo.


  • Durability – long lasting of prints and washable
  • Graphics – full color printing regardless of your design
  • Process – digital printing process not a film transfer or silkscreen process
  • Very Fast – in terms of delivery
  • Volume – minimal volume required for at least 20 pcs of t-shirts

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One thought on “Canvas Bag Printing

  1. Karla says:

    Good day, want to ask how much yung canvass bag niyo na malapit sa gantong size 14″ length 8″ width 15″ht. And if you are selling per piece. Thank you 🙂

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