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Company PVC ID

We Work hard to provide you with a full range of Elegant and Professional Looking Digital ID Card solutions and services both standard and customizable to give you professional effective products with real visuals identification at competitive prices.
We provide reasonably priced ID’s using High Glossy & High Quality PVC FILM with print that wont fade and retain its full color for a long time. If you are looking for a Low Cost IDs or Temporary ID system, we can also offer the the normal laminated card board paper for you to choose from.

Benefits of a Having a Quality Official ID

  • Use it as Gate Pass or VIP Pass to prevent non members from entering your premises
  • Customers will perceive you as more professional & dynamic orgainization
  • Give your members a sense of pride and belongingness
  • Using our High Quality PVC IDs, you get a long term cost-savings for a Durable and Quality IDs

List of Products and Applications:

  • Office or Company ID
  • School ID
  • Discount Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Visitor’s Pass
  • Rewards Card
  • VIP Pass
  • Gate Pass
  • Name Tags
  • Loyalty Cards

Optional Add-On Products & Services ( Call us for Charges):

  • ➜ On-site Photo Shoot (Service Charge Applies)
  • ➜ ID Layout Design Service (Free layout for Volume orders)
  • ➜ Personalized Lanyard (ID Lace) with Print (Silkscreen or Embroidered – MOQ appllied)
  • ➜ Plastic Card holder
  • ➜ ID Plastic Protector
  • ➜ We can even deliver it to your place

For Our Clients from Provinces and Abroads
For our Clients here and abroad, if you can’t pickup from our shop you can still order your Quality IDs from us and we will send it anywhere in the Philippines (through LBC or Air21) or to other selected places (through Fedex or DHL). Just make sure that you can able to supply us the necessary details and informations required in your IDs such as Photos, Clear Scanned Copy of Signatures and Personal Informations.

SKYLITE Privacy Policy
Part of creating your IDs is to collect the necessary data and informations you want to be printed on it. But we value and respect our customers and their privacy. All personal informations, photos and other personal data collected are used ONLY to ensure efficient processing of your order. We will not give, sell, rent, or loan any personally identifiable information to any third party, unless we are legally required to do so or you authorize us to do so. And rest assured that we will treat your informations, photos and other personal data with respect and confidentiality.

4 thoughts on “Company PVC ID

  1. Please send me a quotation for PVD ID and Lace

    1. Skylite Admin says:

      How many pieces po Mam?

  2. Nicolette Aldeano says:

    Hi! Would like to know if your pricing for PVC ID is fixed? What are your contact numbers? Thanks!

    1. BenColminas says:

      Call Us: +632-225-7609 | +646-519-8315 Email: [email protected]

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