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Personalized Silicon Bagtags

Silicon Baller Embossed and Engraved Design

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Put your photos and images on silicon bagtag!

A popular use for these long-lasting bag tags is to use them as souvenirs for all manner of events. Since each tag can hold a full surface-area of colorful graphics and text, they are very popular souvenirs that are later hung as decorations around the office. They ca n also be used as giveaways FOR ALL OCCASSIONS!Personalized bagtag as advertising tool
Imprinted bagtags for luggage can display important advertising on one side, and customers personal information on the other. However, the most popular bag tags are our full-graphic options. The bag tags are hooked into chain or belt loop and worn to all types of school events in the future.

MOQ= 500 pcs

For Orders, kindly contact us for quotation.

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  1. Athena says:

    I would like to inquire on:
    Customized Rubberized ref magnet
    Customized reflective ref magnet
    Size 2×3 (ATM size)
    Minimum purchase required

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