Brief Company History

Skylite Advertising is a company duly registered in the Philippines in 2003 as a Single Proprietorship. Skylite Advertising started as an independent signage contractor and designer with a man who has strong determination, perseverance, a gifted hand to do, and a mind to think. A man who had a simple thought that now is turning into a big vision. After almost two years of service with Pizza Hut as a Junior Accountant, he decided to open a business and pursue his dreams. Skylite Advertising operated with no employee, as what other people called “one-man-show.” The success of the company lies in the creativity, determination, and patience of the owner himself. He treated clients as assets and not a source of income. In 2006, Ben Colminas established another advertising company located in Talaba, Bacoor, Cavite, and was registered as COLMINAS ADVERTISING.

Skylite Advertising Studio was converted into a partnership in 2009 and was registered under the new name of Skylite Advertising Studio Co., Ltd. That leads to additional products and services, from an independent signage contractor and designer to a total sign advertising and multimedia design company. Skylite Advertising Studio is an awardee of National Awards by Asia Pacific Awards, an award-giving body for “Best Multimedia and Advertising Company in the Philippines,” and Golden Globe Awards for “Certified Best Advertising Company in the Philippines.”

Reading some books and watching the internet tutorials was the key to improving more and more in multimedia designs. Ben Colminas was self-trained and proficient in almost every design software and web programming technology.

From 1992 to 2007 he won 8 champions in different arts & painting competitions. Before Skylite Advertising Studio, Ben Colminas was engaged in Painting, Designing, Silkscreen Printing, and Mural’s business to support his study. While still studying in Manila, he was hired by different companies as a part-time graphic and Mural artist, and you can see some of his great painting works below this page. Some of these paintings were delivered to cue artist Efren “Bata” Reyes (The Magician) and company.


In the first quarter of 2017, Skylite Advertising Studio has expanded the business with its new corporate business name (Skylite Advertising Studio Co., Inc.) and location situated at Panapaan I, Bacoor City, Cavite. In this expansion, Skylite Advertising Studio Co., Inc. has taken the way to the next level. Skylite Advertising Studio is the first advertising company with a newly constructed signage showroom facility. It includes the visitor area and employees’ canteen, two mini lounges, guest room, meeting room, beautiful office, design studio, and 500+ sq meters signage production area equipped with new computerized sign making technology.


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Our Facilities in Bacoor City, Cavite, Philippines

First Signage Showroom in PH with 500+ sqm Production Area, Canteen, Mini Lounges and 150sqm Showroom, Design Studio and Office

Our Facilities in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

First Signage Showroom in PH with 80+ sqm and Production Area of 1070 sqm

Our Facilities in Davao City, Philippines

First Signage Showroom and Production in Mindanao with area to be confirmed soon.

Our Engineering Office

100+ Sq Meters Engineering Office with Design Studio

Main Production Area

500+ Sq Meters Signage Production and Booth Fabrication