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Join our Sales Team on this Facebook-like Platform. You can Chat with them, Create a Group Chat, Send Inquiries, Private Messages, Create a Photo Album, etc. A perfect place for your Sign&Print, Booth&Kiosk, Fabrication, Creative Designs, Interior Design & Fitouts, and Multimedia projects collaboration.

Members’ Privacy

It is only visible to login users, and the public won't see it

To clarify, the system does not provide a full list of members that you can browse through. However, you can search for a specific member by their name using the search function. Once you enter the name, the system will display the corresponding member's information, such as avatar, cover, short details, and other relevant information.

To block a member who you suspect to be a scammer, first, you need to search for their profile by typing their name in the search bar. Once you have found their profile, locate the 3 dots icon on the right side of their profile photo and click on it. This will open a checklist menu with 2 options, including "Block". Click on "Block" and confirm the action. By doing this, the member will no longer be able to contact you or view your profile.

You don't need to do it. This platform is designed for project collaboration, so making the profile private is unnecessary. The platform no longer serves its purpose.

To report a member on the platform, you need to first search for their profile by typing their name in the search bar. Once you have found their profile, look for the three dots icon located on the right side of their profile photo and click on it. This will open a checklist menu with two options, one of which is "Report User". Choose "Report User" and confirm the action. The member will then be reported to the platform admin for review and evaluation. If the member is found guilty, their account will be suspended.

No, it is not visible even to the admin as it is completely hidden within the platform.

To make your phone number private on your profile, first go to your profile and locate the "About" menu. Once you've found it, scroll down until you see the "Phone Number" tab and click on it. Then, change the "Public" button to "Only Me" to ensure your phone number is not visible to anyone else.

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Member’s Benefits

To ensure the security and integrity of our platform, we require all members and customers to be verified before they can create Group Chats and receive substantial 5% discounts on our products. Verification helps us to confirm the identity of individuals and prevent unauthorized access or fraudulent activities on the platform.

You can easily share signage-related inquiries or sign and print recommendations on our Community Wall, which is similar to a public wall on Facebook. Once you post, all your friends and subscribers will receive a notification and can respond to your post immediately. Other members will also see your post if they are online. You can choose from various posting types such as "Text post," "Photo," "Audio," "Video," "Post background," "Poll," and "GIF." as seen in the screenshot below.

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As a member of our platform, you can send a Friend Request like Facebook to one of our sales team members, which will allow you to chat with them privately if they are assigned as your account executive.

Sign and Print Solution Philippines

As a verified member of this platform, you can create a Group Chat like Facebook and add the entire Skylite Sales Team to effectively assist you with your project from start to finish. This is the most effective way to ensure your project is completed smoothly and to a high standard.

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Yes, as a valued member or customer, you have access to exclusive discounts on our wide range of signage products and printing services.