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Post Inquiries FAQs

You can find your posted inquiries under your profile's blog tab and on the Community Wall where all activities are posted.

No, currently you cannot edit or delete inquiries. However, we are working on improving this function and it will be available soon.

You have the option to post inquiries directly on the community wall. This feature allows you to share your questions or concerns with other members of the community. Similar to Facebook, you can edit or delete your post at any time. This gives you more control over the content you share and ensures that your posts remain accurate and up-to-date.

Like Facebook: When you post on this platform, it will be immediately published if you adhere to the terms and conditions. Additionally, you will receive an email notification once your post is live.

Yes, you can add a photo gallery similar to Facebook. Simple select photo icon in the post types drop down menu and start adding photos.