3D Product Design

Product design is one of the unique creative design services we offer, this design service will help transform your existing product photo or image into a 3d model using 3d software. What is the main purpose and advantage of having your own product 3d model? The answer is, it serves as your product advertising and marketing collateral, and if you plan to promote your product through internet advertising, social media, television and product demo you are actually saves a lot of money. Because with this 3d product model we can use it to produce photo-realistic product catalog without hiring a photographer. Another thing is, we can produce 3d animated product demo video in more convincing and appealing way which will drive more sales .

Who We Are as Your Designer?

Designing Since 1991

We’ve been in the design industry since before the computer generation

8-Time Champion

We are involved in creative & design contest since 1991 up to 2002

In-house Designers

We have designers that you can meet and talk at your most convenient time

Multimedia Experts

Advertising agency that caters almost everything about creative designs

Creative Awards

2015 Best Advertising & Multimedia by Golden Globe & Asia Pacific Awards

We are Animators

We can transform any ordinary graphics into a multi-animated  sequence

Customers Love Us

We produce designs and concepts until you are fully satisfied

Featured on TV

Our creative works was featured on Philippine Television (GMA 7) in 2013

Scope of Works

We will provide you the following scope of works:

  • 3D Perspective Design
  • Detailed Dimensions and Elevations
  • Materials and Specifications
  • High Quality 3D UV Textures & Maps
  • 3D Animated Video Presentation
  • On time Delivery to meet your Deadline
  • Free Revisions

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3D Product Design in Action

More Samples of Animated Product on 2D-3D Animation Page

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