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Looking for the Best Signage Maker in Cavite?

Why we are the Best Signage Maker in Cavite?

We advise you to visit our competitors’ shop first before coming to our showroom in Bacoor, Cavite. There are numbers of Signage Maker in Cavite to visit includes the following area: Carmona, Imus, Dasma, GMA, Tagaytay, Silang, Tanza, Naic, Cavite City and Bacoor, simply search online to get their complete addresses. And once you have done visiting with them, come to our showroom and then you will learn why we are the Best Signage Maker in Cavite.

Our Cebu Showroom

If you are about to start your own business in any part of Cavite. First thing you should consider is to look for the best Signage Maker in Cavite area, to provide you the QUALITY Signs and Printing Services you deserved. Don’t just look for affordability, QUALITY AND AESTHETIC should come first.

If you really want to drive more customers and get massive engagements and exposures to your business, partner with an advertising agency that is so creative and innovative. Company that can provide you exceptional talents, expertise and technology that leads you to win the competitions. That’s what we are!

Did you know that, there is one company who is willing to provide you nothing but the best signage and prints at a reasonable rate? Skylite Advertising Studio Co Inc, the largest sign maker in the Philippines with Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao branches is now serving your area like never before.

Our Advantages

We are more than just a sign and printing company, we plan, design and build big pylon signages that requires engineering expertise. We are also a creative design company that produces high complex creative designs and animation since 2007.


Other signage providers may or may not provide you a Signage Design Perspective. In case if they will provide you a signage perspective…. spot the difference.




If you really want to save more money on signage and prints, don’t just look for affordability, look for aesthetics, quality and durability instead. An example of this is our Panaflex Sign. Most signage makers use ordinary steel angular bars for panaflex sign framing, whereas SKYLITE uses aluminum. So, after many years gone by, our panaflex sign aluminum frame is still usable whereas the ordinary one had faded away by corrosion. Yan ang totoong sulit! In addition, our panaflex sign we’ve made are laminated and painted with urethane paints, this Skylite Standard is applied to all our customers even to a small panaflex sign project.



Our panaflex sign we’ve made are laminated and painted with urethane paints, this Skylite Standard is applied to all our customers even to a small panaflex sign project.

To be honest, our panaflex sign is totally different from other providers.
In order for you to visualize, we have this per item comparisons below.


1. Aluminum Tubular Frame (mig welding) 1. Ordinary Steel Angular Bar (arc welding)
2. Painted Siding with Automotive Urethane 2. Mostly No Paints, if they did (Ordinary Paints)
3. Korean & 3M Panaflex 3. Ordinary Panaflex or China-made
4. With Lamination 4. No Lamination
5. 12 mos. Warranty on LED Lights 5. Max of 3-6 mos. Warranty
6. Graphics: Mimaki Printer – 18-26 months before the color start to change 6. Graphics: China Printer – 6-8 months will start the change of color
7. Stickers: 3M, Avery, LG, German-made 7. Stickers: 2S, MacCal etc.
Our Price per sq foot is P750 Single Panaflex Price per sq foot is P550 Single Panaflex




With Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao Branches and Signage Production, no need to charge you for “Transportation and Mobilization” because our branch near you the one will cater your project. How amazing is that?


Most of our signage fabricators and installers are also surface finishing of interior design. They are also experts in the booth and kiosk fabrications mostly displayed at the SMX Convention center. Skylite fabricators are the one who constructed our Skylite Offices and Showrooms nationwide. When we talk about expertise, then see it for yourself.


Serving Over 1200 Clients & Counting

Over 1500 Completed Projects

Over 96% Satisfactory Rates

Over 500 Products for Shopping

Over 15years in Advertising Business

Over 10 Signage Showrooms in Philippines

Over 1155sqm Sign & Print Production

Serving Over 10 Global Locations

Looking for quality signage maker near you? The best Signage Maker in Cavite, who can help you and provide you nothing but high quality and durable signage. Take a look at our 27 units of panaflex signage first batch made for NLEX Corporation which size is 13x6feet.

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