Skylite specializes in 2D animation using Flash Professional and 2D Cartoon rendering from 3D software. The solid foundation of the company lies on the past drawing experience by the owner himself. He began his drawing career since high school when someone hired him to draw a mural painting which opened doors for him to have more painting jobs. He even won 7 different championships in the drawing and designing competition using mixed media.
In 1992, he participated in a poster making contest held in School, his first of many competitions. The biggest competition he entered into was the National Oil Painting Competition held in Manila. He began his cartoon drawing, or as we animators call it the “Traditional Animation” technique in 2000.

Our strong team of 2D animation experts and designers work under stringent quality standards. Our designers have several years of experience in their respective fields. Flexibility of the animated design is our primary concern. For instance, the use of Macromedia Flash enables the animation to work from a CD-ROM or as a standalone product or on the web. It saves time and makes the process more efficient.

We stopped accepting reservation of any form of video productions started 2016 up to 2019, it is because of an exclusive contract with JICA & DPWH. And now we’re back, but bigger and eager than before.

2D Animation can be your effective marketing tool to present something….

  • Marketing

    • product and services demonstrations
    • logo animation
    • e-learning
  • Entertainment

    • short films
    • TV episodes
    • storyboard progressions
  • Character Creation

    Skylite Advertising Studio, handles pre-production tasks such as designing, conceptualizing, editing, storyboard, animatics, backgrounds, etc. Our characters are well researched and accurately represent your idea.

  • Realistic and Cartoon Motion Styling

    Animation isn’t just about sketching; we understand that creating a flawless motion sequence in an animation is crucial. We deliver specific stylized motions for every character used in the animation, right from a simple walk to a complex running cycle.

  • Technical Animation and Simulation

    Our expert simulation and technical team is well-trained at delivering complex animations like expanded views, segment zooms, line drawings etc.

  • Rendering

    Quality control at the finishing stages ensure we cover everything from fur/hair simulation, lighting, reflective finishes, true life environmental rendering, etc. so as to deliver a perfect animation.

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