Philippine-based corporate video production company provide in detailed corporate video production process as guide to our customers. This is the way how we will produce video from shooting, post production to final edit and rendering.

1. Choose a Video Package

Choose the right video package that suits your need and budget by clicking ORDER NOW button. You will be redirected to Video Package Main Page, select your preferred Product Variation, then click ADD TO CART.

 2. Checkout Process

After clicking START CHECKOUT button on product page, you will be redirected to a simple registration form for billing & shipping purposes.

3. Customer Registration

Fill-up the form correctly and please provide a valid email address where confirmation email will be sent. Your account will be activated and you can immediately access your account area to track & monitor the progress of your project.

4. Payment Selection

You can pay your order Offline or Online. For Offline payments, you have several option to choose from: Bank Deposit, Smart Money, LBC Pera Padala, M. Lhuillier Kwarta Padala, and other channel (just inform us if you have other preferred Channel), then click CONTINUE. After clicking Continue, you will receive ORDER RECEIPT on your registered email address containing your Order Summary. For online payment, you can pay thru Paypal or Credit Card (by selecting PAYPAL button, additional Finance and Processing charges may applies). You will receive your Order Receipt after your Paypal or Credit Card payment is successful.

5. Materials Submission

Submit materials such as video script, company logo, footage (optional) and voice over (optional) to this email address [email protected] or simply save a  soft copy in any portable media and send to Skylite Head Office. For images and videos, it must be in  high definition (Minimum 1280×720 resolution). For logo, must be in .ai, eps, or svg files and send them through email mentioned above.

6. FTP Account Creation

We will create FTP Account for FREE where we can store your materials for video production purposes. All draft render video will be uploaded here for viewing and commenting purposes. You can access this FTP anywhere, we will provide account details.

7. Draft Video Link Submission

We will set a date of sending the draft render video for review and comments. This video will be stored at FTP account created as stated in no.6 in mp4 web format.

8. Free Revisions

Sending of Comments for video revisions should be immediately available to avoid delay of final edit video. You may send it in word or excel format with time indicator, or you can simply have a screenshot of the parts to be corrected with comments.

9. Production Complete

For Clients abroad, you will receive your Finished Videos via FTP account created during draft submission. It will be available immediately, for those who paid in full upon Checkout. For partial payments, it will available for download after receipt of full payment. For Local Clients, DVDs will be delivered to your Offices for both scenarios.